Blog: Why virtual survey is the best choice for your moving business?

Posted on October 10, 2023
by drivemain

Let’s talk about virtual survey for moving companies!

Moving businesses fall into the B2C category most of the time, which means they deal directly with customers and depend on those interactions for sales and revenue. One of the most important parts of a B2C business model is communicating properly, timely, and managing the client’s information correctly. 

Let’s talk about virtual survey for moving companies!

Moving businesses fall into the B2C category most of the time, which means they deal directly with customers and depend on those interactions for sales and revenue. One of the most important parts of a B2C business model is communicating properly, timely, and managing the client’s information correctly. 

Why are customer interactions and data handling so important for moving companies?

As a service provider, your client-facing interactions will determine whether leads become sales and if those same customers then return or refer others to your company. So, treating them right from the first engagement is key, this is also the golden opportunity to catch them before they consider a competitor. 

Collecting the right information at the beginning makes the customer feel taken care of, like your company can respond to their needs, and provides you an upper hand to continue the conversation. 

What is a virtual survey?

Virtual surveys are digital tools that allow moving businesses to collect all pertinent information regarding a customer’s needs before they even call, in one simple format that can later be integrated into a more complete sales platform

These virtual surveys are created by you or your sales team and they ask all the questions you would need to be answered to make the first approach, quote, and estimate of the moving service your client needs. 

Types of moving virtual surveys

There are a couple of types of moving service virtual surveys, these are mainly different in when they happen and who conducts them. You can choose which works best for your moving company through trial and error, or depending on your available resources. 

Live-virtual survey

As the name suggests live virtual surveys happen at the moment, they can be conducted by a sales team representative or a message bot. 

You can place them, however, is most effective in the customer journey experience, it could be the first page of your website or the last step in your contact form, this is up to you and your sales process. 

Keep in mind that live sales managers give an extra boost to your attention to detail and customer service, but can be more costly. However, you can start with a bot or automated survey and then move on to the in-person sales process. 

Self-service virtual survey

The self-service virtual survey is all in the hands of the customer. They will answer questions and after that, you can gather the data to send a quote or follow-up. 

While the answering is up to the customer you design the questions and the survey, you can add instructions, explanations of your service, and other extras to make sure clients understand what you can do for them and how you are there to help. 

Self-service virtual surveys are a cheaper but still user-friendly option to get the information you need from customers. 

How can a virtual survey help your moving business?

Virtual surveys can be one of the greatest digital tools for a moving business, it can provide you with an information funnel that continues to be helpful throughout the sales and service process.

Make it easier for your customers to provide you with the information you need, collect it on one organized platform, and use the data to boost revenue and quality.  

Save time and money

Having your customers answer the important question in an online survey can save you time and money in many ways.

  1. Less time spent by sales representatives 
  2. Eliminate the wrong type of leads
  3. Create more accurate quotes 
  4. Asses resource management ahead of time 
  5. Prepare data and inform your sales team before they have first contact 

In this day and age information is money and virtual surveys help you get more for less, reducing the heavy lifting on your side while at the same time simplifying the process for your clients. 

Get more accurate quotes

Price quotes are the start of a great customer relationship and one of the hardest parts of having a moving business. 

Once you get contacted by prospective clients they will need to provide you with the details of their coming move for you to be able to assign a price to the service and give them that quote to compare and ultimately hire you. 

It can be one of the biggest obstacles between you and your customers since getting the wrong information or mistaking a few numbers can cause a significant change in the final price. 

That’s why it is so important to create and handle your virtual moving surveys with an expert moving platform that you can trust. That will help you formulate the right question, store data in a legible way, and create quotes easily and quickly. 

Build trust and improve customer service

Having your clients moving information detailed and filtered before you start the sales conversation is going to be key in establishing trust between you. 

They will know that you listened and paid attention to the details of their move, this created a foundation for you to build and nurture them from lead to sale. 

Being able to provide this information in organized and easy access to your sales team gives them the kind of advantage that helps you create profitable clients. It makes your representatives look prepared, attentive, and informed. All qualities people are looking for when choosing moving companies. 

Generate leads

Your virtual survey can be pressure free and just serve as an informational tool for customers browsing for services, and this can help you generate more leads. 

Visitors will usually fill out the survey to get quotes and information, triggering the sales funnel and becoming immediate leads. Some with more intent than others but leads all the same. 

How can you make your virtual moving survey generate leads?

  1. Make sure your virtual survey is visible on your website, 
  2. Make your virtual survey easily accessible 
  3. Make your virtual survey user friendly 
  4. Make sure your virtual survey asks the right questions 
  5. Collect emails or phones numbers in your virtual survey

Increase closing rates

The information collected in your virtual surveys feeds your sales team and your marketing efforts allowing you to target high-conversion prospects, and reach out with emails and other actions. 

All of these benefits can lead to an increase in closing rates coming from the fact that you gathered more accurate information at the beginning of your sales funnel. 

Improve customer satisfaction

After your customers take that initial virtual survey they can see whether they match your company for services, quotes, and attention. 

You can provide more accurate estimates, and timelines and streamline the process because you have the most important data upfront. This makes your customers feel like you are taking care of their move, can anticipate their needs, and builds trust between you. 

Information is king 

At the end of the sales day, information is king! 

Having the right data allows you to go after the ideal customer, and provide them with the closest accurate quote possible, improve service and make an impact on how customers see you. It can also help internally as you better manage your resources and give your sales teams a leading edge with the data you have.

Think about all you can do with one simple virtual survey and ask yourself why are you not doing it now?

Let’s schedule a call and see how we can help you get started!