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No matter what industry you’re in, success always comes down to one thing: sales. Moving industry sales is not different,

But, how do you succeed at sales? And, what do the best sales reps do differently than everyone else? 

In today’s episode of the Drive Sales Show, I sit down with Jim Walsh, Founder, and CEO of Relo Solutions Group, serial entrepreneur, and someone who knows a whole lot about moving industry sales, to find out.

Jim shared many things in this episode including his story of why he got into entrepreneurship, how he started his first company, how did he feel when he closed his first deal, and the ONE thing that all moving industry sales reps must do to succeed.

On top of that, we also talked about how to choose people you want to work with, the difference between working on your business and in it, and how important is to find a way to reset and recharge. 

Whether you are a sales rep, business owner, or just someone who is interested in entrepreneurship, business, and sales, this episode is definitely worth a listen!

So, hit that play button, and enjoy the show!

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