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During the pandemic, many people started to purchase things online, whether from local businesses or big box stores. And since there were a lot of supply chain issues, including the moving industry, people didn’t necessarily get what they ordered. 

This has led to more and more people learning about their rights when it comes to customer service and disputes, and it’s also led to an increase in chargebacks.

While this is a great thing for consumers, it can be a nightmare for businesses because there are a lot of people who are trying to take advantage of the system. 

Companies in the moving industry are especially vulnerable to this because of the high cost of moving services, therefore it’s extremely important for them to know how to handle chargebacks and customer disputes. 

To help moving companies out, in this episode of the Drive Sales Show, we’re joined by Alex Dimitracopoulos, the CEO & Founder of Remedy Payment Solutions, a credit card processing company that specializes in the moving industry.

Alex has a lot of experience in the moving industry and he’s here to share his knowledge on handling chargebacks and customer disputes and how moving companies can avoid these situations in the first place.

Aside from talking about chargebacks, Alex also shared how he managed to process 1 billion dollars of moving services transactions last year, and what the early days of his company were like.

If you’re in the moving industry or run a business that is susceptible to chargebacks, then this episode is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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