Blog: Moving Business Sales: The 7 BEST Sales Tips  

Posted on October 10, 2023
by drivemain

Let’s talk about moving business sales! The moving business is one of the most solid industries, there is always demand and an influx of customers, but that also means there is constant competition. If you want your moving business to succeed you need to figure out how to stay top of mind for customers and ahead of your competitors. At Drivesales we are experts in this field, so we have compiled some of the best sales tips you can try for your moving business. 

1. Have a plan

Every good sales result starts with a plan and you needed to have one yesterday. Having a plan will guide your actions with purpose and point you in the right direction when it comes to sales solutions and partners

What are the 5 most important things a sales plan can do for moving businesses?

  1. Help you determine needs and goals 
  2. Guide your actions and investments 
  3. Define resources needed both human and material
  4. Outline everyone’s responsibilities 
  5. Track progress and success 

What is in a sales plan for a moving company? 

  1. Define your sales team’s goals, ultimate KPI, and objectives 
  2. Research and collect data on your local moving market to better understand your landscape 
  3. Define a target for communication and sales efforts 
  4. Determine metrics to measure success, what numbers are going to help you figure out what’s working 
  5. Analyze your starting point, how are you positioned in the moving business market, expected timelines, and progress  
  6. Identify opportunities in the market, gaps in the moving service offers, competitors’ weaknesses, and more
  7. Create a sales strategy to direct and inform actions across the sales team and other collaborating departments
  8. Build a great sales team, knowing who you need to hire, what can be outsourced, and what are the best sales team options for your goals 
  9. Define actions, sales initiatives, and spending 
  10. Action! 

2. Know your audience

Knowing who you are talking to is one of the key aspects of any business. For moving companies that could be tricky since technically everyone needs to move.

However, demographics will change depending on your geographic location, the price of your service, your specific working model, etc. So, you need to figure out where you should be directing your efforts. 

There are a few tools that will help you get to a more narrow audience. 

  1. Data is going to be your best ally. In the beginning, it will help you determine which demographic is most in need of your services and what they value most in a moving company. 
  2. Experimentation with copy, ads, plus other sales and marketing actions, will help you determine a brand identity, message, and tone of voice. 
  3. Finally, feedback from your target is going to give clear direction on what to change and improve on. 

3. Figure out what sets you apart

Standing out will help you sell more effectively. Having a unique selling proposition will get more eyes on you and center your sales pitch. 

Think about what makes your moving company or service different, or what are your values. This is what you will be known for whether it’s personalized attention, being top-rated, using the latest tech, or something else. 

A great way to figure this out is to conduct deep research of your competition, this will point out gaps in the market offer and weaknesses that you can exploit.

4. Set your goals 

Having objectives is going to drive your sales team in the right direction, giving them purpose and defining scopes of work. 

One of the top methodologies to use for setting goals is to make them SMART, which means:

  1. Specific, well defined 
  2. Measurable, trackable, and data-bound 
  3. Achievable, not exceeding your possibilities
  4. Relevant, actionable, and realistic 
  5. Time-bound, with a defined timeline 

Using methodology and data, to act as a filter for your dreams for the company is going to give you goals to aspire to that you can actually meet. 

Remember that there are also: long-term and short-term goals. So, you can let your ambition fly as long as you put it all through an extensive reality check. 

5. Be honest

Transparency is one of the most beneficial values you can instill in your business models, internally and externally. 

For your in-house functions that means departments know the state of the company, and there is open communication between teams and with the leadership. In an open environment, problems get dealt with faster and improvement is constant, all helpful things on the road to success. 

Externally and with clients, it means that expectations are met or exceeded, and customers get exactly what you sold to them. Your moving business brand builds a good reputation and gains the trust of its target. 

6. Build your sales team 

Sales teams can make or break your moving company, this is just a fact. Because you are dealing with a client-facing industry, you need to pay special attention to your sales representatives. 

The quality of your sales team is going to have a tremendous impact on your bottom line since moving is a high-intent type of business. Meaning that when people are searching for moving companies they mean to hire them soon, and customer care can be the decision-making factor in a lot of cases. 

How important is having a good sales team? 

  1. Most people, 81% at least, declare that just having a positive customer service experience increases the chances they will repeat purchases. 
  2. 70% will consider a brand because of good customer service 
  3. 95% think customers service is key to retaining loyalty 

Your sales team is going to be an extension of your brand, they need to maintain a high standard of customer service, and be able to not only get purchases but also boost your brand through their performance. 

7. Don’t forget to sell yourself!

Work on your profiles on all fronts, including personal ones. Your Founder or CEO is the face of the business and should be relatively active in sales and marketing efforts. Plus, you should encourage your employees to do so as well. 

For this to be possible you need to build a brand persona and ideas for content. Talk about what inspired you to get into the moving business, highlight employees, start a podcast,  talk to clients and publish their feedback. 

Make sure people can see the human face of the company and identify these people with the same values as the brand. 

Go after your goals

In conclusion, the main objective of these sales tips and all sales strategies is for you to take your moving company where you want it to go. 

Determining those goals and aligning what you do with what you want is the first step in the climb to the top!