Blog: How to Use Core Competencies to Grow Your Moving Business?

Posted on October 10, 2023
by drivemain

Moving business facts – they all share one common objective to get things from one place to another. But how can you make your brand stand out from the rest? While you may think it’s hard to distinguish yourself, actually you can do it by just focusing on what you are good at. By that, we mean finding your core competencies and making them shine! 

What are core competencies?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? You find your core competencies and off you go into success. But what are those core competencies? 

Your core competencies are the heart of what you do, as the name suggests. It’s what sits at the core of your business and makes all the rest make sense. 

For some moving companies that can be anything from a focus on handling items with care because they are a luxury and collectibles moving company. For others, it can be long-haul moves or even same-day moving services. 

Moving Business Core Competencies can be determined by many factors:

  1. Specialization like business-only movers 
  2. Timelines like same-day moves or 48 hours 
  3. Distance like cross-country movers or transatlantic 
  4. Deals for example being “we match competitors’ prices” moving company 
  5. Whatever you choose, competency can be any part of your brand identity, service characteristics, or an extra factor that you use to define yourself and stand out.

How can you find your moving business core competencies?

Now you know that your core competencies can be almost anything you choose. So, how do you find the one that fits your brand and the type of moving business you want to be known as? 

You need to look closer into how your business operates. What are you already doing that can be turned into a core competency? Answer that, and maybe you will find there’s something that sets you apart you haven’t been paying attention to. 

1. Look at what you’re good at

As we mentioned before, you could have a specialization like a luxury, or cross-country moves, you could have the top-rated customer service in the area, or something else. There could be an aspect of your service that customers have always appreciated and mentioned, looking back at reviews can help you define this quality. 

Once you find that area where you shine you can start to create a core competencies strategy around it. 

2. Identify your unique selling points

Unique selling points or USPs are one of the oldest marketing strategies in the industry. They don’t have to be out of the box to work, they just have to have a punch. 

The word unique can be misleading here. You and all the other moving companies can have packaging included in your services, but you can still make yours a USP if you know how to use it. 

However, if you do have something your competitors do not you should jump on the opportunity to use that USP to your advantage. 

What can you use as your moving company’s unique selling point?

We meant it when we said there are all kinds of USPs and that they don’t necessarily need to be truly unique, what they need to do is stand out and most of all create a storyline or added value to your moving business.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. You have a unique or advanced piece of equipment 
  2. You have an unbeatable service management platform  
  3. You only hire movers with 5 years of experience 
  4. You always deliver on time 
  5. You included packaging 

There are so many more you could add, right? Well think about what speaks to your company’s core and build around it. 

3. Understand your target market

An important component of knowing what to sell is knowing who you are selling to, what your clients want and need from your moving company. Having this insight will guide your actions into more convertible funnels from engaging to sales. 

Conducting target research before getting started on marketing actions and other campaigns will help you put the budget where it needs to go. It can uncover things like where your target wants to actually see as a core competency, where they can see your ads, or what channels they trust to get their moving company information. 

This also helps determine your customer service in many ways, you can help train representatives to speak to clients and have a general knowledge of how to keep costume happy. 

4. Look at your competition

A great place to look for inspiration on what to do and what not to do is your competition. You can determine core competencies by identifying what’s lacking in the market or by offering an improvement on what’s out there. 

This is a surefire way to stand out because you are working from the markets backward to your moving company’s core competency. 

It’s also a great method to get clues on what message to use and how to present yourself differently from the rest. Keeping an eye on your competitors also allows you to stay updated with trends and market needs, maintaining your competitiveness. 

How can you use your core competencies to your advantage?

So, now you know what your core competencies can be, it’s time to look at what they can do for your moving business. 

1. Use them to guide your marketing efforts

Core competencies are a great driver for marketing, they are a differentiator and can become the center of your campaigns. 

You can build marketing strategies around enhancing your core competencies and take your advertising to the next level with them. 

2. Use them to improve your customer experience

Once you have decided that one of the core competencies is service, timeliness, or professionalism then that will have a trickle-down effect on the whole chain of your moving business. 

A team that knows what they are about and are focused on core goals can achieve amazing results. 

3. Use them to drive innovation

You can make your core competencies the force behind your business stay on the cutting edge. If you specialize in quick service then you will have an interest in the latest technology, or implementing a system that manages and speeds your processes

Whatever you end up choosing can become the motivating factor for change and remain relevant, that’s part of why it’s so important to know what your core competencies are.

4. Use them to create a competitive advantage

Having a different core competency from other removing companies will make you stand out and bring you closer to your target market, creating that competitive advantage.

That’s why we recommend both figuring out your core advantages and conducting competitor research because once you combine the two you can get a truly winning combo. 

5. Use them to inform your moving business decisions

You already know that a core competency can drive innovation and marketing, and these are ultimately business decisions so by knowing where you are going with core competencies you are able to determine the direction of your moving business in general. 

What’s at your core?

Core competencies can be one of the most game-changing discoveries and assets for your moving company business. Because of the influence, it can have on many aspects of the company, from determining your marketing messages to what equipment you invest on. 

Consider how simple it can be to figure out what’s at the core of your company, you probably already have a good idea of what to use, and how huge of an impact it can have on your moving business.

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