Blog: How to Create A Marketing Plan For Your Moving Business

Posted on October 10, 2023
by drivemain

Marketing has become an increasingly important element in the success of moving businesses almost everywhere. As population centers grow, so does the appearance of moving companies boosting competitiveness in the market and the significance of knowing how to create a solid marketing plan for your moving business. 

If you have the knowledge to get started you can come up with your own moving company marketing plan. You are at the end of the day the one that knows best the advantages and weaknesses of your business. However, keep in mind that as you scale up you might need more support in marketing areas from consultants or maybe an agency. 

Let’s get you started first!

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a layout of your marketing actions in a chosen time period. It encompasses everything from research to actions and budget. It will serve as the guide for your marketing teams and stay aligned with objectives set at the start of the campaigns.

Once you have a plan you can start to track data, this means you can measure the success of your actions and adjust accordingly. 

The importance of this plan comes from the freedom that it gives you, let us explain. Knowing what you are going to do means you can take time to execute great ideas properly, it also means that if something is proven not to work you can remove and replace the idea with less effort.

After you’ve created your overall plan for your marketing activities you will be able to segment and build plans for all components. Here are a few examples. 

  1. Advertising marketing plan 
  2. Email marketing plan 
  3. Content marketing plan 
  4. Lead marketing plan 
  5. Digital marketing plan 

The list goes on according to your needs and your strategy, but each section should be broken down and have its own plan to be more effective. 

Why do you need a good marketing plan for your moving business?

There’s a lot of competition out there and you need to be prepared to out plan them, meaning you know what you are going to do before they do and you are prepared for your competitor’s own marketing actions.

Your moving business marketing plan will help your brand stand out among others, and get closer to your customers. It will be an essential foundation for you to be profitable and successful

<h3> What are some business objectives that require marketing?

  1. Increasing leads 
  2. Gaining brand awareness 
  3. Engaging with your target 
  4. Increasing visibility 
  5. Boosting revenue 

How to create a marketing plan for your moving business?

Creating your own marketing plan can be a great way to save costs and become more involved with that side of the business. Like we said before, you can always add external help for these but you can also figure it out on your own, we’ll help you! 

1. Write an executive summary

The executive summary will be the guide you use to build this marketing plan. It will give you an overview of what you want to include and what objectives you are trying to accomplish with the planning. Your executive summary should include. 

  1. A description of the company 
  2. A summary of the marketing action currently 
  3. An overview of the marketing team and resources 
  4. A list of goals and objectives 
  5. A plan of action 

2. Do your research

All marketing starts runs and ends with research, this is because data is the king of marketing. Having the numbers to back up your action translates to fewer mistakes, more insights, and a better marketing plan. 

There are several aspects you can research when it comes to marketing but we suggest you stick to the main ones. 

1. Your target audience

Discover who you are trying to talk to, what they like and value in a company, where they live and most importantly how to get your message to them.

2. Your competitors 

Knowing who you are going up against gives you insights into your market, what is lacking and what is dominated by others. This is great for working on your branding, positioning, and of course marketing 

3. Yourself 

Last but not least you have to know your own business and brand, and have a list of what has worked for you before. Use internal insights to improve workflows, choose a marketing value to highlight, and more.

3. Set your goals

Marketing is a huge undertaking that can overwhelm even the most veteran companies so it’s always advisable to have your goals clear and set. This helps teams know what they are working for and keeps your messaging unified. 

4. Choose your marketing mix

Remember when we mentioned the different types of marketing plans? Yes, well you can implement more than one at a time. If you want to engage with customers on social media and emails, plus do SEO you need to include and decide on these in the planning stage. 

This will help create the assets you need for each medium and figure out how much it is going to cost you. 

5. Create your budget

Budgets are the rules setters for marketing, an essential and unforgiving part of marketing planning that you can ignore.

Having a specified budget for marketing will determine what you spend on and also how long you spend on one thing. It can be that one moving company has more budget for marketing experiments and another needs to go for what they know. 

Whatever the case for your moving company you need a budget. Then you can decide on marketing actions and plan out in advance, so you don’t run out of money and you are always marketing actively. 

6. Write your action plan

So, we are pretty far ahead now. You know the basics of the marketing plan, it’s time to put your plan into action. 

Having an action plan is your first jump from the concept to reality. This part of the marketing plan depends on its predecessors, so you can choose if you want to improve your sales team as part of the marketing plan or put out an Instagram ad. 

Making choices ahead of time helps you see your future more clearly, be prepared for what you need to do, and improve on the go. 

7. Implement and track your plan

That’s (almost) it, go live with your plan!

Your marketing plan is running and all that’s left is to track the data, to improve on what you see, and repeat what is successful. 


Planning is essential for a move and for your business, there is no showing up and improvising that can beat the power of research and care throughout actions. 


Create your moving company’s marketing plan to have a guide for not only marketing but also making your business better!