Blog: Customer Service for Moving Business: 5 Tips to Improve

Posted on October 9, 2023
by drivemain

Time for an important topic! Customer service for moving business is essential.

A huge part of your moving business focus is going to be on customer experience. A lot of what you do is deal with client-facing needs. It’s the reason having a good customer service team is so important. This is the reason you will need to continuously improve and maintain your standard.

Remember, there is no successful moving business that doesn’t first consider and treat its customers as a priority. Before spending money on new moving trucks or an expensive marketing campaign your focus should be on having a well-trained customer service team, a set of practices that help you provide the best experience, and a platform to help you manage it all.

Important of having good customer service for moving company

Good customer service is the most significant trait a lucrative moving business can have. When you are a service provider you win and lose by the opinion of your clients. 

Giving your customers a great experience and service will make the rest of the process easier to handle and close. 

Here is how the sales process for a moving company usually goes: A representative takes a call or message from a prospective lead, gathers information and offers solutions, information and closes the deal. That’s repeated again and again for all moving businesses, what can set yours apart? Quality customer service, a trained sales team, and going the extra mile!

This bit more attention you pay, to the expertise that you bring to the table, then becomes a unique selling point for your company. It sparks word of mouth on your services and feeds your reviews, this last one being one of the most significant factors that play in when your target is choosing a moving company. 

If that’s not reason enough here are 5 cold hard facts to sell you on it

  1. For 78% of people, customer service is so important that they would go back to a company with excellent service, even if they had made a mistake. 
  2. 94% of people that leave “very good” reviews go on to speak about that company to others 
  3. More than half, 61%, of customers will switch companies after a bad customer service experience 
  4. 93% of clients are more likely to return to a business that has great customer service  
  5. 89% of brands ranked with “significantly above average” customer experiences have better financial performance than their competitors

Not only is customer service more important than ever before, but it also has the highest level of scrutiny it has ever had, with online reviews and social media being immediate public ways for clients to say how they feel about your moving company. 

The 5 best tips for improving customer service in your moving business

So, you are now clear on how important customer service is and want to make a change to how your moving company is approaching it. There are some tried and trusted actions you can take to guide your customer service practices in the right direction. 

1. Customer service for moving companies – set clear expectations

People do better when they know what to expect, and this applies to both your customer-facing teams and the clients. 

Once you have decided on best practices and a strategy for your customer experience, make sure both sides are fully aware. You can make this a part of your marketing and your internal training. 

If you want to be a quick and digital-savvy company then use tools like online surveys to get started, bots, or chat. The important quality here is that you deliver the customer service that you say you will. 

2. Respond quickly to customer inquiries

Speed is one of the most significant factors in customer service and in closing leads when it comes to moving business queries. 

People who are facing an upcoming move do reach out before choosing their company and that reflects on the quality of the service. A moving business that answers within hours is more likely to get a positive valuation than one that tackles days to get back to customers. 

Make sure you have the digital capacity to handle and organize incoming questions, so you don’t miss leads and possible clients

3. Train your employees properly

The human aspect of customer service is going to be one of the determining factors in the type of experience your clients are going to have. This is why you need to pay close attention to your sales and customer service training. 

Those that are client-facing will be your brand’s representation out in the world. This is especially significant for sales and helplines. It’s also helpful to ask drivers and movers to attend client workshops and learn how to deal with the public. 

This type of training has a huge impact on your business, can improve your revenue in the long run, and build up your branding, reputation, and customer base. 

4. Take a proactive approach to problem-solving

Solutions are not the result of inaction and that’s never truer than with customer service. Time can certainly be against you in this area of business. 

Think about it, the longer you have a crappy customer service representative the more leads you will lose, and the more you leave issues unresolved the more chances customers have to leave a poor review. If something goes wrong be prepared to face it head first. 

Customer service in moving business – what can you do when you have an issue?

Something will go wrong at one point but you do not need to panic, it won’t be the end of the world. Face the issue with transparency and be willing to cooperate with the client. Be informed, calm and respectful. 

  1. Consult your customer service manual or guide 
  2. Go back over the situation with the customer 
  3. Let your representative explain 
  4. Asses, and apologize if you need to 
  5. Offer real solutions 

5. Ask for feedback and act on it

Listen to what your customers are saying. If you have gotten feedback on a part of the service, good or bad, then take it to heart.

Customers won’t comment or give feedback unless it’s something that made a real difference in the service. 

This could be your opportunity to discover an unexpected unique selling point or fix an error, it’s free market research coming straight from your target, so use it! 


The bottom line is, customer service for moving companies and the whole experience are uniquely tied to success. If you don’t create best practices, keep improving and maintain quality, you are likely to lose clients. 

The good news is, you can use strategies and collaborate with companies like Drivesales to improve your customer experience quickly.