Blog: 7 Proven Strategies for Boosting Sales in Moving Company

Posted on October 10, 2023
by drivemain

Sales in moving companies are always a great topic. Think about it. Sales are at the heart of any moving business. It’s what drives all other parts.

If you are not making enough of them then you need to look at ways to improve quickly. The best way to approach a lack of sales or wanting to improve your sales numbers is to look at what others have done.

Adding proven sales-boosting strategies is going to help make your sales numbers go up without putting you through a long brainstorming process. Take a look at these and choose what works for you.  

1. Increase your marketing efforts

Marketing is the hook that allows you to attract customers, turn them into leads and then close the sale. Whatever you do at this beginning stage of the sales process has a deep impact on the end numbers. 

How effective can it be to increase your marketing actions?

A recent study showed that just investing more in nurturing leads using inbound marketing could generate up to 50% more sales

That’s a really impressive ROI. Increasing your sales numbers by half with an investment in one part of the marketing funnel. Can you imagine what would happen if you invested more in the whole marketing chain? 

The best way to approach this strategy is to take a closer look at your current marketing effort. Is there an area you are neglecting or maybe a particular action that generates more leads and sales? 

Focus on specialized parts of your marketing to get started. Or make an overhaul of your whole marketing strategy if you have the budget and time. 

2. Create a more efficient sales process

One of the biggest brakes on growth and sales numbers can be your own sales process. You have outgrown what you have or simply be using outdated tech or methodology. 

A streamlined sales process eliminates unnecessary obstacles. It allows your sales team to work toward the end goal and clears up resources for closing sales. 

What are some signs you need a better sales process for your moving company?

  1. You are getting results far from your sales projections 
  2. You are getting bad reviews or large lead drops 
  3. Your prospecting efforts are ineffective 
  4. Your sales team is demotivated 
  5. You are getting negative feedback from customers 

Moving company businesses are not about the equipment or the transportation. At the end of the day, they depend on customers’ attention and sales to succeed. If you are experiencing any of these signs of a bad sales process then you need an expert moving business solution like Drivesales

Control all aspects of your sales moving chain with one user-friendly platform. From building a sales team to tracking your inventory, all using the latest technology and expert assistance. 

Overhaul your sales process from what it is to what you want it to be with one choice, get the sales numbers you are looking for and manage it all in one place. 

3. Train your sales team

Your sales team is your first representation to your customers, they are the voice of your company and your biggest selling point. That’s why it’s so important that you have a well-trained and prepared sales team. 

According to the sales management association companies that invest in training their sales teams are at least 57% more effective in their sales efforts than those that don’t. Those numbers are hard to ignore, and so is an untrained sales team. 

This is another investment with a high ROI and long-term benefits, trained sales teams can help effectively onboard new sales members when you start growing to continue the standard you set from the beginning. 

4. Focus on your most profitable customers

Customers are ultimately sales so giving your attention and resources to the right ones can be a hugely profitable sales strategy. 

This requires you to create a sales process where you can filter quality customers and identify opportunities for increased sales. 

What does it mean to focus on profitable customers?

It means that you boost sales through nurturing, customer attention, follow-ups, and marketing, from the beginning of the engagement all the way to weeks after the move is done. 

This creates a return customer that thinks of your service first when considering a move, one that also recommends your services to people in their circle, talks about you on social media, or leaves a review. All of these are actions that lead to more sales and this is the best type of customer for you to turn your attention to. 

Apply Pareto’s Principle which states that 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your clients, what you need to do to succeed is identify that 20%. 

  1. Which are the customers that return to your service?
  2. Who responds to your marketing efforts?
  3. Who is recommending or generating more leads for you?

Once you have answered these questions generate nurturing action to stay in these customer’s spheres, email marketing, referral rewards, and more. 

5. Focus on your core competencies

Having a stand-out service is sometimes not enough for how competitive the moving business industry can be, but you can also boost sales using a strategy focusing on your core competencies to make you shine above other moving companies. 

What are core competencies?

Core competencies are the heart of your moving business, what you specialize in. So, for your moving company that can be handling luxury items carefully, cross-country moving, home or office moves. You choose and then exploit that trait. 

Another benefit of focusing on your core competencies is you can leave a lot of the noise behind, create niche marketing strategies and set your moving business up to take over a sector of the market. 

Less distraction will also allow you to improve your core competency, and with that increase sales through the quality of service. 

6. Improve your customer service

81% of customers say a positive experience will boost the chances of them repeating a purchase or service choice. Imagine having a customer-facing team that can help you make almost all your clients repair customers. 

This is especially true of moving business, since moving is already such an intense project for most of your customers, you will want to provide the best and most encouraging customer service possible from the start.  

Give clients peace of mind from the first call and see how that has an effect on your sales. People will tend to choose the best service and teams they feel safe with when picking who will be in charge of their move. Become the #1 moving business choice with a top-notch customer service team! 

7. Offer discounts and incentives

Deals and discounts are the most straightforward way to boost sales but it can also be costly for your business. If you are charging less or giving something away then you could be losing money. 

If you want to do this to boost sales, because it is one of the best strategies still, then think it through. Go with an option that motivates the customer enough without putting you in the negatives. 

Some moving company discounts and incentives ideas

  1. Partner up with your local pizza place for post-moving sales
  2. Add packaging or low-cost care options 
  3. Give a welcome home gift like a keychain or welcome mat 
  4. Add a referral program to incentivize word of mouth 
  5. Give discounts to repeat customers 

Mix and match, and repeat! 

You are probably going to use one or all of these at least once during your business growth journey. Remember, you never want to become stagnant with your sales, so shake it up, and try investing in marketing while going after profitable customers or offering discounts. 

Moving businesses must always have sales on their minds and not neglect the need to maintain good communication practices, keep their sales processes updated, have sales teams trained, and most importantly keep customers happy!

If you’re curious about the way we can help you implement that in your moving company, don’t hesitate to schedule a call.